Plans for the Maxell, Telford Site are Unveiled at Public Exhibition

J-Ross Developments Ltd held a public exhibition on Friday 4th July at Leegomery Community Centre, to consult with local residents on its proposed outline planning application for a residential led, mixed-use development on the Maxell site in Telford.

The exhibition was well attended by members of the local community, who shared a range of views on the proposed development.

Nick Scott, CEO of J-Ross Developments commented “We were pleased to see a number of key stakeholders within the local community come along to review proposals for the scheme with our team of professional.” Nick added “We had a lot of feedback which will now be taken into account.”

The exhibition saw J-Ross Developments’ professional team present a proposal for a mixed use residential development comprising up to 600 high quality dwellings on the site. The scheme includes a substantial allocation of public open space, which will be attractively landscaped and integrated with the adjoining existing parkland, Apley Wood.

The exhibition also presented the carefully planned highway proposals, to take into account the traffic flows on the existing highway network and those generated by the new scheme. The highway scheme is designed to mitigate any impact ensuring the highway network continues to operate safely and within capacity.

The proposals also detail plans for a new local centre, designed to provide facilities to meet local needs and complement existing provision in nearby Shawbirch and Leegomery.

J-Ross Developments is currently working through views expressed by members of the public who attended the exhibition. These views cover a range of issues related to the site, its location to Apley Wood and highway concerns, further highlighting the importance of delivering proposals which serve the immediate highways infrastructure appropriately.

Nick Scott commented “We will now be reviewing all of the responses collected at the public meeting. We will then be finalising the proposals in readiness for submission.”