In recent years, our passion for development has expanded into the US telecoms industry.

SiFi Networks is revolutionizing the US telecoms market through privately funding, building and operating citywide, open access, 10 gig fiber networks called FiberCities®.

A FiberCity® not only delivers superfast fiber connectivity, it helps to boost the local economy, enables the city to implement smart city applications and its citywide footprint helps to close the digital divide.

We Fund

We Build

We Operate

SiFi Networks has secured approximately $1 billion in institutional funding

The capital has been provided by the Smart City Infrastructure Fund, a global investment fund corner-stoned by APG, the largest pension delivery organisation in the Netherlands, and managed by Patrizia.

Our capital partners:

SiFi Networks is rapidly expanding the rollout of open access Fiber-to-the-Premise networks across the USA.

Its open access networks are enabling multiple service providers to join the network, giving consumers choice and encouraging great customer service.