Winter Evenings are Bright at Elements Europe

As the country gets used to the change in daylight hours lobbyists continue to remind policymakers of the effects fewer daylight hours bring to the UK.

Increased energy bills, reduced hours of trade with Central Europe, increased road traffic accidents and personal safety, increased crime, as well as a reduced number of tourists having an impact on the UK’s economy.

These are just some of the areas where the UK suffers and of course construction projects also see a negative effect as work on-site finishes much earlier than in summer months.

However, here at our factory the production line continues. Due to the controlled factory environment we can continue construction of modules as we would do at any time of the day right into the evening without any effect on output.

Another concern for the construction industry is health and safety, as the darker evenings increase the risk of minor and serious injury on-site, a problem we don’t have in our factory.
Our clients are guaranteed that no matter what time of the working day, or no matter what weather the British winter serves, construction of our modules will continue in the factory, something which couldn’t be said for traditional projects.

Even when modules get to site, depending on the type of lifting equipment it is still possible to install modules in the dark, under well-lit conditions, therefore yet again proving that modular construction brings huge benefits to a project.