Simon Underwood Presents at Commercial Innovation Conference

Elements Europe’s Managing Director Simon Underwood spoke last week at the Commercial Innovation Conference in Antwerp.

The conference saw the top management of the Siniat and Promat Companies and their partners from Europe and Latin America gather to exchange and discuss insights on modular construction.

“Modular construction is a hot topic in the construction industry right now and we have been in the off-site industry since 2005 so we fully understand its benefits and the best methods of implementation” commented Simon Underwood, Managing Director at Elements Europe.

“I have had experience in both the traditional and modular construction industry so I fully understand the integration between the two” Added Underwood.

Modular construction is a growing industry all over the world and the UK is no exception. Labour shortages, higher costs of construction and long build programmes has meant that offsite construction has thrived.

Elements Europe has been delivering modular projects for the hotel, residential, education, defense, healthcare and private rented sector since 2005.