Overcoming the UK Housing Shortage with Modular Construction

Modular construction has seen a real surge of interest in 2016. As a modular manufacturer we are well aware of the benefits of modular construction, however this is still something which has taken and will continue to take time for people to realise its potential.

The UK housing shortage and how modular construction can assist has certainly been a serious talking point this year.

Education is a major factor in ensuring modular construction’s role in the shortage. Although off-site construction is increasing in popularity amongst developers there are many other key stakeholders to influence.

It is crucial to educate on the cost effective solutions that can be delivered by modular construction as well as a far more efficient construction programme, and it is important to highlight that off-site construction goes hand in hand with traditional construction, and is simply a more efficient way of building traditionally, assisting the on-site labour shortage.

There are many other hurdles to overcome as well as educating stakeholders, one of those being the provision of funding as well as the mortgageability of products which has recently been addressed with the introduction of BOPAS which Elements Europe is now a member.

We were recently asked by Build Offsite what the Mayor of London could do to assist in helping modular construction.