Manufacture Starts for Fourth Motel One Hotel

Manufacture has begun for Elements Europe’s fourth Motel One project, for clients Russell Construction.

288 bathroom pods of two different types will be manufactured for the new Manchester hotel. Each pod will feature counter top bowl basin, dark granite counter top and back to wall wc, exuding the high end interior finish the Motel One brand is known for.

Russell Construction visited Elements Europe’s manufacturing facility to view the prototype which gained approval, marking the mobilisation of the production line.

“Motel One is a really great brand to manufacture for. The more Motel One hotels we manufacture for brings greater experience of the brands aesthetics which gains better productivity on the line.” Commented Kevin Arthur, Director, Elements Europe.

“This is just phase one of the scheme, the second phase will see a further 256 bathroom pods manufactured for Stay City, which will be built on top of the Motel One hotel.” Kevin added.

Motel One and Russell Construction are key clients of Elements Europe. This is the fourth time it has been chosen by Russell Construction as preferred pod supplier and also the fourth Motel One it has manufactured for.