Elements Europe Re-launches Revolutionary Co-pod

With the increased need for more housing provision in the UK, Elements Europe has responded to market demand by relaunching its Co-pod product, a revolutionary system which is the epitome of offsite construction.

Co-pod is a unique modular system containing all of the essential service elements required in modern housing. It can provide kitchen, shower, utility area, stairs, storage, power, lighting, ventilation, heating, heat recovery and communications within a single off-site manufacturing system.

Elements Europe has delivered Co-pod to a number of projects in the past which led to the system winning Best Offsite Solution at Interbuild in 2006.

Following the recession, and the impact this had on new housing in the UK, demand led to Elements Europe’s focus to shift to student accommodation and modular hotels.

“Now is most definitely the right time to be relaunching Co-pod to the market” commented Simon Underwood, Managing Director at Elements Europe.

The Co-pod comes in two configurations, one which meets the need of accommodation with multiple storeys and the other for two storey dwellings. Both configurations have the same principal of all services being contained within its footprint.

“This is an extremely innovative system that no other modular supplier provides. Co-pod is the perfect modular solution for high occupancy residential, PRS and student accommodation schemes. The system delivers a versatile system that is all encompassing”. Simon added.

Using multiple Co-pods in a vertically stacked configuration means that all mains building services can be located in a central core, perfect for high rise accommodation. Since Co-pod contains all of the required service elements there is no need for first or second fix mechanical or electrical services within the building fabric. Each module is built from lightweight steel, meaning they can be integrated into all types of superstructure.

Following a review of the Co-pod design and functionality Elements Europe’s team are more than satisfied that Co-pod will be a huge success in various sectors.

Elements Europe officially launched the new Co-pod at the CIH Show in Manchester where it was met with great interest from delegates.