Elements Europe to Partner with AppiUk

Elements Europe and AppiUK have partnered to develop an innovative Offsite housing solution.


After 18 months of product research and prototyping Elements Europe and AppiUK have joined forces to produce an offsite solution for the housing market.


AppiUK has designed an exciting range of apartments and housing. Elements Europe is one of the UK’s leading offsite manufacturers for the construction industry having delivered bespoke modular solutions for a plethora of sectors including residential and the private rented sector.


Together AppiUK and Elements Europe will deliver innovative ideas on customisation and all homes will be covered by type approval.


“Whilst we are operating in different market sectors, there is a tremendous synergy between the two companies in terms of materials used, and offsite/on-site methodology. We can also complement one another where schemes require both of our product types” said Sean Eley MD of AppiUK.


Manufacturing homes in an offsite environment under strict and controlled conditions, practically eliminates onsite workload as well as significantly reduces the total build time and related costs.


The target market for these modern, environmentally-sustainable properties includes local authorities, private developers and private rented sector operators.