Elements Europe Launch New Video

Elements Europe has launched a brand new company video as a further means to present its products and services to the construction industry.

The video not only demonstrates the whole process of modular construction from works off-site at the factory to the delivery on-site but it also explains how Elements Europe was born, and about The Pickstock Group’s history in construction.

A 120 bed student accommodation scheme in Lincoln is featured in the film, a site which was logistically challenging due to its very constrained position. The scheme which was executed as a turnkey solution by The Pickstock Group shows just how efficient the process is when Elements Europe works in collaboration with its parent construction company JR Pickstock Ltd, completing the build in just 28 weeks.

The video allows the viewer to really understand the process which is involved in modular construction, featuring key members of the team from the Managing Director to the buying department as well as explaining our products and past projects.

Hayley Jones, Marketing Manager at Elements Europe commented, “The new video is a great resource. Showing this to prospective clients proves our capabilities and experience in the industry, and it also educates the less informed about off-site modular construction.”

View the video below.