Elements Europe Discuss Off-Site Construction with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Kate Pickstock and Simon Underwood from Elements Europe joined industry representatives from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to discuss how off-site construction can improve the UK’s Productivity.
The government is committed to improving productivity and Elements Europe is well positioned to help achieve it.

Discussions included how the government’s housing strategy is looking at ways of promoting off-site construction through policies, funds and grants in areas such as apprenticeships, factory investment and innovation.

The representatives also looked at how the industry and government can work together to make the UK a world leader by embracing Elements Europe’s offering and product principles on a wider basis throughout all sectors of the industry.

“Close collaboration is essential between the industry and the government in order to maximise productivity and to meet the ever-growing demand for accommodation” commented Simon Underwood, Managing Director at Elements Europe.

Following the meeting, Simon Underwood has been asked to engage with the Construction Leadership Council’s Innovation work stream to work with the industry in driving off-site solutions.

The Construction Leadership Council believes productivity improvements will be achieved by focusing on delivering better more certain outcomes by using BIM enabled ways of working, increasing the proportion of off-site manufacturing to improve productivity, quality and safety and getting more out of new and existing assets through the use of smart technology.

“I look forward to working with the Construction Leadership Council going forward and believe that off-site construction can help boost the UK’s productivity” added Underwood.