Elements Europe BOPAS Accreditation Renewed

Elements Europe has successfully renewed it’s BOPAS (Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme) accreditation until 2022.

The accreditation, which is performed by Lloyd’s Register EMEA, evaluates and facilitates the adoption of best practice by leading manufacturers and constructors. This is achieved by focusing on key risk areas including; risk management, competency management, configuration management, procurement management, process control and performance management and improvement at each stage of project development, through concept, design, manufacture and construction.

As a design and manufacturing business, BOPAS ensures principal risks are identified and mitigated, which gives assurance of working to current good/best practise and organisational efficiency.

From a development perspective BOPAS is evidence that developers can demonstrate to lenders that their developments will be designed, manufactured and constructed with an accredited design system, offering high quality and 60 years durability and maintenance assurance. It proves transparency of the construction system and links to manufacturers’ technical information and literature.

“We are delighted to have renewed our BOPAS accreditation again. We strive to ensure we are following best practise across the entire process from design, through manufacturing, delivery to site and construction” commented Dave Hodgson, HSEQ Manager.

“BOPAS accreditation is only achieved by organisations with high capability and who can offer the industry high levels of performance in offsite design and manufacture. It is a great benchmark and something to be proud of. Elements Europe is one of the first offsite organisations to achieve this standard and we look forward to supporting it for the benefit of all stakeholders” added Hodgson.