Salem FiberCity™ Set to Launch

SiFi Networks is set to launch its first East Coast FiberCity™ in Salem MA.

The privately funded citywide fiber network will pass every home and business in the City and enable the opportunity to access Smart City applications.

Construction of the fiber network will commence before the end of the year with the entire network complete in 2022, weather permitting.

GigabitNow has been carefully selected as the first Internet Service Provider in Salem, they have a proven track record for excellent customer service and a wide range of product offerings at competitive prices.

“GigabitNow is excited to be partnering with SiFi Networks to deliver fast gigabit Internet services that surpass anything being offered today in the city of Salem,” said Stephen Milton, CEO of GigabitNow. “Our long-term partnership with SiFi Networks has been integral in achieving our goal of delivering the fastest Internet service to communities in the United States and sharing how Internet service is meant to be with more communities” added Milton, CEO at GigabitNow.

A fiber network really allows for economic development to thrive in any city and Salem is no exception. As a commuter city near to Boston it will act to attract and retain new businesses as well as enable residents to easily telecommute.

Added to that the City can access the network to utilize Smart City applications such as e-education, e-health, waste management to name a few.

“We are delighted that SiFi Networks has chosen to deliver a fiber network in our city. A fiber network can really provide the infrastructure to improve economic development, increase quality of life for our residents and allows us to plan for the future with the opportunity to use the many Smart City applications which are readily available” said Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll.

Salem FiberCity™ will be an open access network for service providers whether that be Internet service providers, home security providers, cellular carriers or even educational providers.

“We are excited to begin construction in Salem and look forward to getting to know the community while we deliver the greatest network its ever had” said Ben Bawtree-Jobson CEO SiFi Networks.

“What makes our model unique is that it is not only the fastest and most reliable network but it’s also independently operated allowing service providers of all kinds to access the neutral network, that means the streets only need to be dug once” added Ben Bawtree-Jobson.

Phoebe Smith, chair of the Smart City Infrastructure Fund-SiFi Networks’ partnership, said: “Salem’s FiberCity™ continues our vision to support high quality open access digital infrastructure capable of supporting Smart City applications and services. At a time when connectivity has become more important than ever, we are very pleased to extend our partnership with SiFi Networks to communities in the East Coast”.

Salem is the second city to be funded by the Smart City Infrastructure Fund, SiFi Networks’ partnership. The first, Fullerton FiberCity™ has now connected its first customers and several more cities are in the pipeline.