First Homes Connected to the USA’s Largest Privately Funded Open Access FibreCity™

Fullerton, CA 23rd June 2020 – UK owned SiFi Networks has successfully lit the first area of the Fullerton, California FibreCity™ network with fibre. Customers can subscribe to service from either Internet Service Provider, Ting or GigabitNow.

This major milestone marks a real change in the broadband industry in the USA. SiFi Networks is privately financing, constructing, and independently operating an Open Access network in Fullerton, providing every resident and business with access to gigabit fibre Internet.

“I am delighted to see the network go live with fibre. SiFi Networks’ model is unique, not only being privately funded but also passing every home and business in the City as well as offering choice in the form of two Internet Service Providers is a huge benefit for Fullerton,” said Jennifer Fitzgerald, Mayor of Fullerton.

“This will put us on the digital map, driving economic development and creating an attractive environment for both businesses and residents to thrive. It is also a network that other companies and cellular carriers can use, reducing the need for numerous companies to build and disrupt our streets in the future with separate disparate fibre networks,” added Mayor Fitzgerald.

The fibre infrastructure not only provides the City of Fullerton with high speed Internet but also offers them the opportunity to implement Smart City applications such as e-health and e-education.

Smart City applications are readily available but are best supported using a resilient fibre infrastructure.

“This is a big landmark in our company’s growth. We have a tremendous platform for creating fibre optic networks in the region and across the country with our partners,” said Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO at SiFi Networks.

“The fibre optic network that we have designed and built in Fullerton is one of the most sophisticated in the world. We have not only seen how important high-speed Internet is but also Smart City applications such as remote telemedicine and education during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Our FibreCities™ will provide exactly that for our communities,” added Bawtree-Jobson.

Businesses and residents will not only have access to one of the world’s most reliable networks but also have a choice of Service Provider.

“Everyone at GigabitNow is excited to now be delivering fast, reliable fibre Internet to the residents and businesses of Fullerton,” said Stephen Milton, CEO of GigabitNow.

“GigabitNow is focused on every subscriber’s needs, providing the fastest Internet speeds possible without hidden fees, privacy concerns, or service constraints, which is very important in today’s world of working and learning from home” added Milton.

Both Internet Service providers have an excellent reputation for customer service and competitive pricing.

“We’ve had a great response from Fullerton residents already familiar with Ting, and we look forward to demonstrating to everyone how Ting is a fundamentally different service provider than anything people are used to,” said Monica Webb, Head of Market Development and Strategic Partnerships.

Fullerton is the first of SiFi Networks’ FibreCities™ to go live. Several other cities are set to become FibreCities™ in the coming months.

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