Event Success in Pacific Grove, CA

SiFi Networks held two successful events last week to help further educate Pacific Grove on the benefits of the city becoming a FiberCity™.

Last Thursday CEO of SiFi Networks Ben Bawtree-Jobson presented to the Chamber of Commerce.

Ben commented “It was great to meet local businesses and share with them our plans to develop a FiberCity™, to ultimately help them grow their business and carry out daily tasks far more efficiently.”

Ben had lots of interesting and valid questions raised at the meeting, he commented.

“We welcomed the questions brought by the business owners, and hope that they went away with a clear understanding of how we plan to bring a FiberCity™ to Pacific Grove and how much it will benefit them and their business activity.”

Friday and Saturday then saw a public event hosted by SiFi Networks at the Council Chambers. Members of the public were invited to come along and meet the team to find out more about fiber.

Residents were given the opportunity to talk with Ben, CEO and Sara, Marketing and Communications Director for SiFi Networks.

“We were really pleased with the number of people who took time out to come and chat with us” commented Sara.

“It is always great to meet residents, and there were plenty of them who were passionate about Pacific Grove becoming a FiberCity™.”