Double Vision – Farmington Hills and Farmington to Become FiberCities®

The Michigan cities of Farmington Hills & Farmington have both signed up to become a SiFi Networks’ FiberCity®.

SiFi Networks is already constructing networks in California and Massachusetts, and these two cities will be the first FiberCities® in the state of Michigan.

The citywide fiber network will not only deliver superfast internet speeds to all homes and businesses in the cities it will be the backbone for economic development and will digitally sustain them, enabling smart city application and a citywide infrastructure footprint that closes the digital divide.

“This transformational investment in our community will benefit our residents and businesses now and into the future. This infrastructure enables innovation in city services, telework, telehealth, and other applications that we haven’t even thought of yet” commented Joe LaRussa, Farmington Mayor Pro-Tem.

“Partnering with SiFi Networks is the best outcome we could have hoped for when the two cities formed the Joint Municipal Broadband Task Force, and this project shows how good work, and the right partners can move our community forward in a powerful way” Added LaRussa.

The network is open access, enabling multiple service providers to join the network to deliver their service, not only eradicating the need to overbuild in the future, but also creating healthy competition and great customer service to residents and businesses. Once the network is laid the cities will be digitally sustainable for generations to come.

“This is a cost-efficient, competitive, and exciting way to put our city on the map in terms of unique access to broadband in the metro Detroit area,” said Farmington Hills Mayor Vicki Barnett. “Providing access to broadband is the latest way that Farmington Hills is embracing the future and responding to the needs of our residents and businesses with new technology and innovative ideas. Best of all, this new fiber optic infrastructure is being built at no cost to taxpayers” added Barnett.

The network will be constructed through every street in the city, leaving no property or business without connectivity, giving fair opportunity for everyone to connect to the same level of service, helping to close the digital divide.

The municipality can access the network to implement Smart City initiatives allowing them to achieve their future objectives while enhancing the quality of life in the city.

“We are delighted to be working with Farmington Hills and Farmington to support their broadband and smart city initiatives, the network will catapult these two cities into the next generation with the endless opportunities it will open up” commented President of SiFi Networks Scott Bradshaw.

“I would like to thank both cities for their enthusiasm for the project, we can’t wait to get started.” Added Bradshaw.