City of Rockford and SiFi Networks Officially Launch Circa $200 Million Rockford FiberCity® Project

Rockford’s First Open Access Fiber Network to Deliver 10 Gbps, Among Fastest Speeds in U.S.  

Rockford, IL – (Monday June 26, 2023) At a press conference this morning, officials from SiFi Networks and the City of Rockford announced the official construction launch of the Rockford FiberCity® project, a revolutionary fiberoptic infrastructure investment that will bring a fast, affordable, and reliable all-fiber internet network to every home, business, and institution in the city. Tom McNamara, Mayor, City of Rockford, Kyle Saunders, Director of Public Works, City of Rockford and Travis Nelson, Senior Vice President, SiFi Networks explained that the circa $200 million project, which is being funded privately, shall provide access to all of Rockford’s 78,000 households, businesses and institutions, with speeds up to 10 Gbps, among the fastest residential speeds available in the United States.

Notably, the Rockford FiberCity® project will be an Open Access network, a successful model in other regions of the U.S. and across Europe. Open Access allows fiber infrastructure to be shared by multiple service providers, whether that be internet, wireless, or other services, thereby delivering the fastest speeds at the most competitive prices to the consumer. Like all SiFi Networks’ fiber builds in the U.S., the Rockford FiberCity® project will be constructed at no cost or risk to taxpayers.

Travis Nelson, Senior Vice President, SiFi Networks commented: “Rockford is a special city with wonderful residents who are ready for modern-day connectivity. SiFi Networks is delighted to make the long-term investment in Rockford because we see how fiber networks transform communities into hubs of innovation, remote work, better healthcare, and smart city services. With the addition of the FiberCity®, Rockford will truly become a 21st century city,” he said.

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said the city appreciates the opportunity presented by SiFi Networks. “Rockford residents and businesses will see a great benefit from the Rockford FiberCity® project, ensuring that affordable, high-speed internet service is available throughout the entire city,” he said.

“We’ll be working closely with SiFi Networks to ensure a smooth construction process so we can collectively get every address in the city connected over the course of the next few years,” said Kyle Saunders, Director of Public Works, City of Rockford.

SiFi Networks’ construction partner, Always Underground Inc. (AUI), will build Rockford FiberCity® citywide enabling every home, business, and institution to connect to the high-speed fiber network. Rockford FiberCity® and AUI will create dozens of new local jobs throughout the buildout and recruitment for the workforce is ongoing. Information on construction and events can be accessed by following Rockford FiberCity® on social media and by visiting